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What Do You Want Internet Marketing To Do For You?

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We Design Websites To Accomplish Your Goals.

You may just want a more professional looking website. No problem, we can do that.

You may want a responsive-design website that will look and function well on any device. A website that's search engine optimized so people can easily find you online. A site that's fun and easy to use, a magical place where everybody's dreams come true, especially yours! No problem, we can do that too! Unicorns not included.

How Many People Seriously Considering Doing Business With You, Won't Go To Your Website?

The vast majority of people considering your company will visit your website. Your website is the face of your business. For many people it is the only point of interaction they will ever have with you.

Their Goal Is To Eliminate You

The goal of many of your potential customers, is simply to eliminate you as an option. Once they've eliminated most of the options, if you're still on their list they might contact you.

If You Build It They Won't Come

Just because you build a website doesn't mean that people will come to it. You need a website that gets found on the search engines. Be careful now, just because a website design company says they build Search Engine Optimized Websites doesn't mean they do. And how would you know? Do you know what a Search Engine Optimized website even is?

When you use American Website Company you're tapping into internet marketing experience that has improved website design and increased online sales and lead generation for over 100 companies.

Contact American Website Company today, and let's get started designing a website that will do what you want it to do for you.