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Web Usability

Because Just Getting More Website Visitors Probably Won't Solve Your Problem

What Do You Want Internet Marketing To Do For You?

Yes, Getting More Website Visitors Can Help, But...

Chart showing exponential growth in conversions, resulting from improved web usability.

Here's a scenario. Let's say you want to get more sales leads from your website. Let's say 1% of your Website Visitors turn into Sales Leads. So, if you get 100 Visitors you get 1 Sales Lead. If you could triple your Website Traffic and get 300 Visitors you should get 3 Sales Leads. Those extra Visitors might be costly, you might have to advertise to get them. Now, what if we could triple the percentage of Visitors that become Sales Leads? Now you could get the same 3 Sales Leads from the original 100 Visitors, at a much lower Cost Per Lead.

Get An Exponential Increase In Business

Now, here's where it gets interesting. If you triple your Website Traffic and triple your Visitor-to-Sales-Lead percentage, at the same time, you now have 9 times the Sales Leads. That's an exponential increase!

What Is Web Usability?

Usability is one of those terms that has been recently coined in the popular culture because other words didn' quite suffice. More than just usefulness, usability includes user-friendliness, accessibility, and the like.

Scott Lindberg, owner of American Website Company, LLCI'm Scott Lindberg, the owner of American Website Company. I've been studying web usability since web usability has been something to study. I've even taught a class on web usability at a local tech school.

When you use American Website Company to improve the usability of your site, you're tapping into internet marketing experience that has improved web usability and increased online sales and lead generation for over 100 companies.

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